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About Brian Verigin

I am an Influencer at LiveGoodBe a Positive Influencer … Key to Success in Life

The mental state of mind controls all of our activities. I do focus on the positive and filter out the negative, the best that I can. As an Influencer, I promote wellness and give people an opportunity to make the choices. Hey, it is up to you on what you want to become. Stay strong … Stay the course and most of all Believe in YOURSELF. Take care of yourself and lead a wellness lifestyle.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

I work on taking advantage of opportunities when they are presented. Looking at the big picture and try to see things in a different light. Opportunities are out there … every single day.

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We all go through Challenges in Life. Some of tough some not so tough … but every single experience that we encounter we learn … grow and become stronger. At moments situations may absolutely suck, but it’s how we respond to these situations is what makes us who we are.

Life is a wild ride filled with all sorts of ups and downs. We’ve got challenges thrown at us left and right — some are tough as nails, while others, not so much. But here’s the real deal: every single one of these experiences, whether they make us want to pull our hair out or do a little victory dance, teaches us something. It’s like our own crash course in life, and we come out of it a bit wiser and definitely stronger.

“Yep, life tried to trip me up, but I nailed the landing.”

Now, let’s be real for a sec. Sometimes, life really throws us a curveball, and it feels like we’re caught in a storm. But here’s the secret sauce: it’s not about the storm itself, but how we bust out our umbrella and dance in the rain. Yeah, situations might totally suck, but our response? That’s what shapes us into the awesome people we are.

Life’s challenges come in all shapes and sizes, from personal stuff to work drama. It could be losing someone we love, dealing with money troubles, hitting a roadblock in our career, or just facing the monotony of everyday life. But guess what? Each of these challenges is like a sneak peek into the School of Hard Knocks.

Adversity is like that wise old teacher we didn’t know we needed. It gives us the 411 on ourselves — what we’re made of and what we can handle. When life throws shade our way, we dig deep and find this well of resilience we didn’t know existed.

And here’s the real plot twist: challenges aren’t just annoying speed bumps; they’re legit transformations. They shake up our views, rearrange our priorities, and totally flip our script. The wisdom we pick up on this rollercoaster? It guides us, helping us level up in empathy, compassion, and self-awareness.

So, how we handle these curveballs? That’s the key. It’s not about the challenges themselves but how we tackle them head-on. Every challenge is like a personal dare — can we face it with courage, bounce back, and maybe even throw in a little positivity? Spoiler alert: we totally can.

In a nutshell, life’s challenges are like the workout routine for our souls. They’re not roadblocks; they’re the weights that build our strength. Embrace the chaos, learn from it, and come out the other side with a swagger that says, “Yep, life tried to trip me up, but I nailed the landing.”

Wow … Feelin’ Good … Promoting Wellness … I Don’t Take This For Granted


Anyway, thanks for the visit. Stay positive as there is a great deal to live for. I am proud to be a Influencer At LiveGood. If you are interested in learning more just click on the Logo above.

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