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Job Scarcity Offers an Opportunity in Home Business

If you look hard enough, you should be able to find a home business opportunity of some sort in times of adversity. When jobs are scarce there is generally a pool of people wandering around looking for work. Most of them are looking for a regular job, but when money is tight then needs must – that’s when you can walk through their door and make them an offer they cannot refuse!

Job scarcity generates raw material for a savvy internet marketer, and that raw material is people. People that will do anything (well, most things) to make enough money to feed themselves and their family.  People, in fact, who are ideal members of your network marketing team.

Most people associate network marketing with Amway and many of the other offline and online giants that offer you the opportunity to make money for a membership fee, and then you get paid for selling goods. Only problem with Amway is that you have to find too many customers to make much money, or you have to persuade others to join your team. That involves phone calls, calling on friends and relatives and so on and maybe even knocking on doors – cold calls rarely work.

PartnerWithBV Click HereHowever, when such a business is run online, it is significantly easier to make money from what is generally known as multi-level marketing (MLM). You can set up a website, or might even be offered one as part of your package, advertise your products and the ‘make money from home’ opportunity.  No more cold-calling, no more telephone calls and you no longer have to bother your family.  You can attract customers and build your own sales team online.

If you could set up your own marketing network you could make your own rules and sell your own products – meaning products of your choice. When there are lots of unemployed people walking the streets, you should not find it difficult to recruit a few and pay them to sell products for you – online or offline!  You take some of the profit and give them some.

This can actually be done, and is intrinsically the basis of just about every networking marketing MLM company on the planet.  As you build up your number of employees from the unemployed, you make more and more money for yourself, and more and more money for them – everybody wins! Your home business wins!

In fact, joining an established MLM business makes a great deal of sense. You don’t need your own product, but are offered products by the program you join. You don’t even have to sell a single item to make money – you can build up a team to sell them for you! How cool is that!

But there’s more to it that just that! When jobs are scarce you can select some of those you know to be good talkers to start buzz marketing your products. They can talk to their friends, relatives and even people they meet in the street, bars or wherever, and mention this great product – have they tried it, because it sure worked for them. They can be the mavens that get the buzz about your home business going. More and more people will buy, or even join your network. Before you know it, you will bigger than Amway!

Well, not quite – but you get the idea. When jobs are scarce opportunities arise for those in home business that can spot the potential of these people without jobs. So why not do it yourself?  All you need is some instruction and training, and once you are armed with the knowledge you need, you can set up your own network, perhaps host your own blog and even run to a full blown website that is supported by a blog, buzz marketing, mavens and network marketers.

The home business possibilities are limited only by your imagination. These things can be done, the ways to achieve your dreams can be learned, and when jobs are scarce and people are looking for ways to make a dime, then you can act. But you need to know what to do before you can do it!

Brian Verigin, Lead Specialist and Web Designer. Take advantage of job scarcity as this is an excellent opportunity to start a home business … others can work for you. My primary opportunity is Mela.

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