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Home Business There Is A Better Way To Attract Prospects

Home Based Business Get New Prospects?So … You’re a Home Based Business Owner? You’ve done the home business meetings, one on one’s, and hotel business meetings … right?

You’ve posted 10 times a day, messaged, and tweeted and basically begged anyone that would listen to join me now or buy your product. You’ve even bugged your family and friends until you have none left. (that’s pretty bad that you have no family left) but still … nothing is happening?

Better Way To Attract Prospects

Nice to meet you. This is Brian Verigin and I’ve great news. You are not alone … I have done all this too. BUT it’s not going to work for you if you want to build fast and attract new prospects.

There is something you need to know and you need to know it now … I am sure you are screaming at your screen tell me, I’m banging my head against a brick wall over here … Well, hold on. Take a deep breath and I will explain how to attract new prospects.

It’s simple, really … It’s just a numbers game, hmm I bet you have heard that before. Well it is … Let me explain.

Build Your Home Business – A Better Way

The only way to build your home business big and fast is to get more eyeballs on your product or opportunity and if you are out of warm market then what are you going to do? Stalk waitresses in restaurants? or hunt people in malls?

Weird and awkward. I have done it and if you haven’t yet, save your breath because it’s a total waste of your time. Sound about right?

There is like 99.9% that they are not going to enroll or buy anything from you … ouch. That may of hurt a little, but at least I am telling you the truth about home business and prospecting.

Nobody likes smoke blown up there skirt, am I right? This is what everyone is saying, you just haven’t found the right people. Just go enroll 5 more, etc.

Do you think those five you are going to meet at the Grocery? Lucky for you, I have something that is better.

What I do have is a smarter, simpler, speedier approach to getting the right people, having them come to you and then enroll them and get paid … Even if you’re a no-name with no team, no proof, and no experience. And since there’s zero chance you believe me, I will just have to show you?

Home Business Free Video Series – How To Get Prospects

I have a series of FREE videos that reveal:

  • The only tool that I use to get people reaching out to me asking, what company I am with and how do they enroll? (and you already use it)
  • How I have 50 to 100 people entering my inbox wanting to work with me daily
  • How I get paid to prospect
  • How and where to get started
  • How you can laser target your exact perfect prospects without leaving your house

In fact…

How about I just show you? I’m not going to try and get you to believe how successful I have been, using this strategy because …

This is all about you and your home business. So why am I doing this? Hmm … well for one, someone showed it to me, and if not I wouldn’t have gotten my freedom and I would have quit on my dreams already.

Let me ask you, are you ready to quit on yours? How would it feel if you could finally find something that could help you rank advance and grow your home business faster, so you too could get your freedom?

Well get on with it … go see for yourself:

FREE 10 Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp

I know you’ll like it. You won’t be able to stop watching and you are going to wonder why nobody told you until now.

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