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Activities That May Rob Your Time in Internet Marketing

There are certain activities that rob your time in internet marketing and these must be avoided if possible. That is because you likely have little enough time already to complete all the tasks that are facing you. One of the fundamental factors involved in running an online home business successfully is to make the best use of the time available to you. Read the rest of this entry

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UPDATED 12/19/2011   Some of us are having a problem with Skype kicking out on them when you proceed to click on someone’s name. It took me a bit but is was as simple as loading the most recent Beta Version 5.7 here.

No need to erase prior version … just download … go to the download folder … click the link … it will take you through the setup and VOILA, you are in business again.
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Ability to create websites in WordPress and Joomla! with 5 years of experience … from selecting a domain name to putting the final graphical touches on the site. SEO techniques are critical to getting traffic. When I am done you will be able to make modifications and updates on your own.

I recently used the outstanding services of Brian Verigin for a project blog that I am extremely satisfied with. Brian was amazingly awesome with his attention to detail, creativity & was very time efficient. Brian can save you the time & struggle of trying to set your own blog up & do it in a time effective manner saving you money while giving you a high quality of service that is sure to please you.
I highly recommend Brian Verigin for any of your blogging needs. Extremely Satisfied Client: Mare Barnett :)

I have also worked extensively with email campaigns with the goal of growing one’s business. A constant professionally developed email campaign will keep you in contact, build a rapport and will lead to an eventual sale.

Service Description

My custom web design service includes imagery, graphic creation, branding, structure, layout and calls to action. I design a website that conveys a correct message to you audience. Your website is SEO friendly, from URL structure to on page optimization. Let’s get found in the search engines. The cost for a custom design varies but this WordPress Guideline can give you an idea.

If you are interested in generating your own leads and monetizing this list, I personally use GetResponse and AWeber. I can integrate your site with these autoresponders.

Youtube is a highly untapped resource and your videos can be integrated into your website.

Sample Sites


Next Step

If you are interested and want to get started or learn more please get hold of Brian Verigin. I look forward to serving your website needs.

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The Advantages of Being Self Employed

There are several advantages of being self employed, although you have to be careful that you avoid the pitfalls that could set you back. Before having a close look at the latter, let’s first discuss these advantages which are the reasons for many people deciding to work for themselves. Read the rest of this entry

What is an Opt In Form?

Good question. What is an optin in form? If you are involved in internet marketing in any way, you will know how difficult it is to get traffic to your website. As an increasing number of people look to the internet as a means of making money, competition increases and it becomes correspondingly more difficult to get website traffic.

Statistics indicate that it takes from 6-8 exposures to a product or advertisement before a consumer makes a purchasing decision.

Read the rest of this entry

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