Want to find success? Look in the mirror.

Change is difficult ... but very rewarding.

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Just a couple of comments that I hear and they may or may not apply to you but I do want to expand on them:

  • “I want to start an internet business but I have no money to invest.”
  • “Can you pay for my first month’s membership and when I earn income I will pay you back.”

Although I do understand the situation people may be in because I have been there before and I do know the feeling. I do sympathize and the only option is to find a way to get yourself out of this situation. I am sorry I do not buy people into the business as I have learned from past mistakes doing this. I know many people who have scraped and scratched to find the money and now they are in a totally different situation.

People have to take on the responsibility

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What is Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

An Explanation On Multi Level Marketing

What is multi level marketing? Taking it to basics, MLM is a marketing technique used by businesses involving the leverage of independent marketers to sell to clients and customers that would otherwise not be reached using traditional marketing techniques. In fact, it could be equated with an advanced form of affiliate marketing. Read the rest of this entry

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Are You Running Out of Time To Get Everthing Done?

If it seems your day is getting away from you and you do not have enough time to get everything done … you just may be not prioritizing what should be done. Focus is a key element here and deciding what is important. To much multi-tasking will absolutely heed your progress. Prioritize and Focus.

Brian Verigin, YahSuccessBlog.com

There are plenty of sources to buy email marketing lists or email leads. The choice will be up to you to do some looking around and there is always the question of, are the leads any good? You may question the source of the leads. There are many good companies who do this, but finding the right one before you make too many costly mistakes is a challenge.


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Make Success Simple, Just Make a Decision

It is possible to make success simple if you just force yourself to make a decision.  Too many people fail because they could not act, where had they made a decision, any decision other than doing nothing, they may have enjoyed success. Try to avoid being one of them, and I repeat make success simple.

It is very strange that people make hundreds of decisions every day, such as what clothes to wear in the morning, what to have for lunch and what time to get back home by – yet they cannot make the decisions that are critical to their lives and businesses. Read the rest of this entry

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