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A Few Simple Health Weight Loss Motivational Tips

Health Weight Loss - woman stepping on a scaleEach year health weight loss goals are always the most common resolutions. The first two weeks, most people are able to stick with them but what happens in month two? This is where weight loss motivation usually breaks down and people end up breaking down and going back to past habits. Their inspiration is lost and it may be due to lack of results or falling into the same traps as they had in the past.

Here are a few simple health weight loss tips that can help inspire you.

Change Your Environment, You Can Control This

I would say your behavior is very much shaped by the environment you put yourself in. Your willpower is being tested every single moment. If you are serious about attaining your weight loss goal would it not make sense to hang around people who consider their health important to themselves? Hang around with people who workout and eat healthy. Change what you have in your fridge and on your counters. If taking away refined sugar is something you need to do, get rid of the sweets you have in your house. It is the same concept with an alcoholic … the last thing you want to do is take them out to a bar. By changing your environment you will naturally become more motivated to not only get fit, but stay fit.

Small Victories Need To Be Celebrated

Your goal may be to lose 10 or even 15 pounds. Once you reach the first 5 pounds do some sort of celebration. Don’t wait until the final 15 pounds to do this. Yes, the final 15 is the ultimate goal but keep yourself inspired along the journey. By setting small weekly or monthly goals your progress can be tracked and these small inspirations will lead to huge results. I always say one step at a time. This is a lifestyle change.

You probably got in the position you are in over time and the lifestyle change is not going to happen overnight.

Stay Positive And Focus On What Is Going Right

This is a journey to better health and nutrition. You probably got in the position you are in over time and the lifestyle change is not going to happen overnight. If you fall off a bit, miss a workout just jump right back in to what you had set out to do. A suggestion is do not wait until tomorrow to get something done because tomorrow just never seems to come. By focusing on the positive you will stay inspired and reach your goal. Along the journey there are many bumps in the road. Accept the bumps and find a way to go over them and continue on.
Brian Verigin, Promoter of the Health Challenge.

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