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I have a difficult time dealing with people who complain and think most things are a problem. I strongly feel they waste so much energy bitching about things … if they would only put that energy to part of the solution instead they would be much further ahead.

… problems are for bitchers.

It is real easy to complain but it is much more difficult to be part of a solution. The word problem has negative connotations and I prefer to use the word challenge. It should not be a problem it should be a challenge to get solved. The bottom line is problems are for bitchers.

 … take it to the next level and “Rise to the Challenge.”

Put to the challenge positive people find a way to get it solved. Take a bit of time today and look around you … observe what I have just talked about. I would venture to say the people who always have problems tend to be negative. Learn from what you see and observe … take it to the next level and “Rise to the Challenge.”
Brian Verigin, YahSuccess.

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