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Blog Tips: 10 Ways to Come Up With Ideas for Blog Posts

10 Ways to Come Up With Ideas for Blog Posts

PartnerWithBV Click HereIt’s not always easy to get new ideas for blog posts. If you are using a blog to promote an internet business, then you likely know that it should be interesting, invite comment and attract visitors. However, how do you achieve that, and what makes the difference between a great blog and just a ‘blog’?

Fundamentally, the answer to that question is in those that follow your blog and participate with their comments. It is not enough simply to read it, but a great blog is one that is followed by potential paying customers! Sure, there are many blogs out there just for fun – without any commercial objective whatsoever – but there are many more that are adjunctive to commercial websites that people depend upon for their regular income.

… how to kindle a flame that gets your blog on the map …

Here are some sources of information that may be useful in providing you with some ideas on how to stimulate your readers into an animated discussion.  If you know how to kindle a flame that gets your blog on the map and working as a tool to benefit your online business, then you have a tool at your disposal that you can use to generate income whenever needed.

1.  Keep Your Eyes Open:  even if your blog is related to business, there is no need why your personal experiences cannot be used to start up an argument or debate. Maybe you have seen a billboard that has sparked something in your mind, or some comment scrawled on an underground train or metro wall.

Even if this has no connection to your niche, stick it on your blog – your readers might respond and react, and get a good buzz or argument going that you can eventually use to present your product.

2.  Keep Your Ears Open:  for what people are talking about. Listen in bars, cinema queues or anyplace else that people wait, congregate or just stand around.  Human beings cannot stand quiet for long without expressing an opinion – on politics, the economy, weather or sports.  Listen to what they are talking about and use that as a topic for your blog. Use their opinions as yours, and invite debate.

3.  Check Google Trends: Google Trends show the hottest keywords in any Google area or cloud.  Using Google Insights for Search, you can compare different regions, time frames and categories.  Examples are the top movies in specific countries:  discuss the differences. You can compare popular keywords in different geographical areas. This is a great source of information to get arguments and discussions going.

4.  Forum Searches: use a keyword and then add ‘forum’ after it to find forums connected with keywords relating to your preferred niche or point of contention.  Find what others are saying and get a blog posting going based on that. Use forum arguments to present two sides of an argument, and then work on that to get a good discussion going on your blog.

5.  Present Arguments to Your Readers: if you have a good membership you can ask a question and offer alternative answers. Big Bang or Steady State? Is the moon made of green cheese? Does article marketing work? Should masks be removed from protestors – irrespective of religion?

6.  Ask Opinions:  such as is Facebook better than YouTube for promoting a website? Is Squidoo a cheap way of advertising your website?  Is a webcam as good as a dedicated video recorder for home-made videos for YouTube?

7.  Social Networking Lessons: run a series of blogs relating to how social sites can be used to promote a product or website. How to use Twitter properly – most think it difficult because all you can do is send tweets to people that likely won’t see them. Compare Facebook and Friendster. Compare social networking with social bookmarking.

8. Go Outside Your Niche: and present arguments unrelated to it. Get a discussion started and see where it leads you.  You can choose the right time to begin promoting your product/service/blog/website.

9.  Explain the Unknown: such as Bebo, Zorpia, PerfSpot, Orkut and NetLog. Most people know Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter, but not these – even though they are extremely popular. Explain how they can be used in internet marketing, and ask for comments. Get a blog discussion group or start up a Facebook fan page with your own videos and teaching material.

10.  Finally – Newspapers, Magazines and TV:  don’t ignore the tried and trusted info-media. Use these to get ideas for your blog. People will get involved if they are interested, but if you cannot whip up interest using these ten techniques or sources then maybe blogging just isn’t your thing.

These are only ten simple ideas for blog posts that you can use to generate interest in your blog.  What is of most importance is not the blog but those that use it. If you can generate the initial interest, then it is your readers that will keep it going.  Yes, it is true that you are responsible for generating the initial interest and that the continued success is in the hands of the bloggers, but make it interesting enough, use some of the ideas presented, and that should not present any problems.

It is not the ideas for blog posts that determine the success or failure of a blog, but how well you keep the interest going.  However, having some great posting ideas will make a heck of a difference, and by taking note of the ideas presented above you should ultimately have an excellent blog that will rapidly become popular.

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