Liquid Vitamins Have Higher Absorption Rates

Bode Strong Vitamin AbsorptionLiquid Vitamin Nutritional Supplement Has Many Benefits

Proper diet, nutrition and being active is so important to living a healthy active life. In the early years one can get away with so much nutrition wise but eventually it will catch up with you. It has a compound effect but in saying this we can always change our habits, make adjustments to poor diet and make smarter decisions in food absorption choices. Healthy eating, vitamin supplementing and of course exercise is important … this is on my priority list to leading a better lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry

Biotin Bode StrongBenefits of Biotin

Otherwise known as Vitamin B7, biotin is a water-soluble substance that makes up a key group of nutrients that the body needs to maintain a healthy metabolic rate, nerve function, proper digestion, and even cardiovascular health. You can find biotin in several different foods, including eggs, cheese, salmon, cauliflower, and even whole grain bread. However, the benefits of biotin are such that you may want to take a supplement to get the full effect. Read the rest of this entry

Maca Benefits Bode Pro StrongMaca Root Benefits

Although maca root contains no hormones itself, the benefits that it provides affect the hormonal balance in both men and women. In addition, there is evidence that the maca root benefits go further in boosting the energy, mood, memory, and overall sexual health and wellbeing of those who consume it on a regular basis.

Improves Memory, Mood, and Energy

For those who take maca root regularly, they feel their energy levels increases along with being in a better mood. This is arguably because maca root has an effect similar to caffeine in that it boosts the energy, but does not have the shakiness or jitters. Because of the boost in energy, the mood also improves as you feel more capable of doing the things that you want. Of course, the blood flow improves as well, which helps with the ability to recall events so your memory is boosted, too. Read the rest of this entry