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Benefits of Your Own Squeeze Page Vs the Company Page

Benefits of Your Own Squeeze Page Vs the Company Page

PartnerWithBV Click HereBefore explaining the benefits of your own squeeze page over using the company page in an MLM program – or any other program for that matter – first let’s explain what a MLM squeeze page is and its purpose. Many different people have a different interpretation of its so it’s important to get that settled first.

Squeeze pages have only one objective: to enable you to contact visitors after they have left your website. There is no other objective whatsoever, although it is common to achieve this by securing their first name and email address.  However, a telephone number will do just as well, so to claim that a squeeze page is intended only to get an email address is not strictly accurate.

The reason I am being pedantic about this is the entire thing is about contact: being able to contact someone after they have gone. Sure, the email address is what you generally capture, along with at least a first name and also a website URL if relevant to your needs, but the crux is contact. If you can’t contact a visitor to your website once they have left it, then you have just given away a good opportunity for a sale.

This is particularly the case in MLM marketing, where there are so many misconceptions that even members of the network marketing programs are sometimes unsure what their purpose is! Nevertheless, now we have agreed the purpose of the page how about the pros and cons of using your own or using the company page?

Promote Your Own Brand

The only con in respect of using your own is if you are no good designing web pages in a persuasive manner, in which case use the one provided by the program until you can design your own. By using your own MLM squeeze page you can promote your own brand along with the program. Much depends on what latitude you are permitted and on how well the program is known, but on balance you are usually best to use your own.

Yes, if the MLM program is well known and respected such as Amway, you might have to promote the Amway brand rather than your own because more people will respond to that than to the John Doe Marketing Company! However, there is nothing wrong with ‘JDMC presents Herbalife’ as an alternative to just ‘Herbalife’ – just as an example. So you can promote your own brand as well as the MLM program using your own squeeze page.

The major advantage in promoting your brand is that it gets known online, and when it comes to a choice of where to join the program, yours will be chosen because your brand is familiar. You will also be able to extend the use of your brand to other products and services online, not just network marketing. JDMC Marketing Products could be promoted all over the internet and your site could develop into an empire!

Customize Your Squeeze Page Gifts

Squeeze pages should offer unique gifts to potential recruits in return for their contact details.  You can personalize and customize these if you use your own page to collect these details.  Maybe you have your own report on how to promote the Herbalife or Monavie MLM program. You could offer that as a unique gift from your own squeeze page on your own website. You could also offer your own course in network marketing, and send one part out every few days to your list until they decide to join or buy a product. Whatever you do, it is better than using the company squeeze page.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Another advantage of your own MLM squeeze page is uniqueness – a lack of duplication.  If everybody promotes the company page only one version is going or be listed on Google due to their duplicate content rule. If you use your own, and work your SEO magic on it, your page can be listed higher than the official version. It can be very profitable to have a good squeeze page listed on Google on the basis of good content.

There are very few disadvantages in using your own squeeze page in promoting your MLM site. Keep in mind that a squeeze page will only be of use if it offers good content on MLM marketing, sufficient to persuade potential members that they should consider joining your team and at least provide their contact details to receive the free information you will give them.

Some people are able to persuade prospects to give their email address without anything in return, but that is very rare, and generally you will get nothing for nothing. However, using your own MLM squeeze page rather than the company page enables you to market your own business better and get its brand known, and also to offer unique rather than regurgitated information. Google knows, and will reward the unique and ignore the commonplace.
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