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How to Create Meaningful MLM Content

How to Create Meaningful MLM Content

PartnerWithBV Click HereIt is a simple matter to create meaningful MLM content in order to promote any network marketing program, irrespective of what that program is, if you have a good understanding of what you are promoting. That means you should understand the program in terms of the products involved, of the compensation program and levels and also of the promotional tools offered to you.

There are three forms of content you can create in order to promote your program.  You could split your MLM website into three main sections to cover each of these. Here are the three components of a good MLM site, each of which will have content of interest either to potential customers, potential recruits or even both.

a)  Product Reviews

Any worthwhile network marketing program should have worthwhile products to sell, because any MLM program that does not gain its income predominantly from product sales will have a limited life. You can write product reviews from your own experience of them, or even ask your own customers or downline for comments on how the products perform.

If you are to sell anything, you have to promote the products, and to do that you will need some content on your website describing what you are selling and what problems they solve. It is easy to create meaningful MLM content from the manufacturer’s specs and descriptions, and it should be written in a promotional manner, presenting a problem and a solution involving the use of your product.

b)  Promote the Program

Some members make most of their income from product sales – they are born salespersons and can sell the product easier than they seem able to generate new recruits to the program. However, recruit generation is what makes the difference between an MLM program and affiliate program involving straight sale, and some people are great at recruitment  but hopeless at selling,

Because you earn money according to how many recruits you have in your downline, it makes sense to know how to create meaningful MLM content that persuades others to join the program as one of your team. To achieve that, you should have at least one web page focusing on the benefits of membership.  Clearly state the benefits in terms of the compensation plan, and how each member can use his or her strengths to make money in their own way.

There is no need to sell if they are poor at selling, and no need to recruit people if they find that difficult.  However, impress on them the importance of recruitment, and how a combination of the two will usually bring best results. Explain the program clearly, and then, a very important part of your MLM web page content, explain the training that you will be giving them.

That is a problem with some MLM programs – you pay to join, pay for promotional material, pay for training – all before you can make a single cent!

If people know that they will receive free training then they will respond better than if they are continually paying out before they made any money. That is a problem with some MLM programs – you pay to join, pay for promotional material, pay for training – all before you can make a single cent! You can create meaningful MLM content by providing them with training and advice on your own web pages, apart from what they receive from the MLM site itself.

c)  How to Create Meaningful MLM Content for Your Downline

That brings us onto the content on your site specifically for your own downline. What we have discussed above relates to content to promote product sales and promote new recruits to join the network marketing program. Now you need content to satisfy your team members – those that have joined your downline.

The better you train your own downline, the more proficient they will become, a) in selling product and b) in recruiting others to join your next level. Each of these is a potential earner for you. So what kind of content should you create?

Some may not be familiar with internet marketing, and may not be sure how to run their own website. You could create content that explains how to choose a domain name and register it, how to find a web host and get their first website started. This is a great opportunity for you to promote your own affiliate programs: with GoDaddy, Hostgator, AWeber and others you can review and recommend as part of your MLM content.

You could then offer them a full marketing course, to enable them to make money quickly from the MLM program.  Although this could be included on your website as meaningful MLM content, there is no reason why you can’t put it all into an eBook and sell it to your recruits for $5 or $10.

It is not difficult to create meaningful MLM content. All it takes is a bit of imagination and a knowledge of network marketing. By including each of the three main forms of content described above, you will meet the needs of potential customers, potential recruits and your existing downline and each will potentially have a positive effect on your income.
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