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How to Attract People to Your Internet Business

How to Attract People to Your Internet Business

PartnerWithBV Click HereKnowing how to attract people to your internet business is the real secret to success. It doesn’t matter how successful your business is now, or how easily it is to use to make money, without traffic – and continued traffic – it all means nothing.

You might get 10,000 visitors to your website today, but only 100 tomorrow and 1 the next day. Your business will likely fail! You might get 500 every day, with a 1% conversion rate, meaning that you sell 5 items every single day. If that means success for you, then you succeed. If you need more, then you require some form of a tap or faucet that you can open to allow more visitors to the site.

Unfortunately, none of we mere mortals are able to turn traffic on and off like that.  What is certain is that regular traffic is better than spikes and troughs, because it is easier to analyze regular traffic and make the most from it than if you get thousands one day and none the next. Here are some ways of driving regular traffic to your website and your internet business.

… regular traffic is better than spikes and troughs.

1.  Search Engine Listings

Search engine listing are extremely useful if you can get them, and a top listing  on Google can provide you with thousands of visitors each day or just tens, according to the niche and the keyword for which you are listed. A listing for ‘internet marketing’ will obviously bring you more traffic than for ‘marketing hobbits.’

Google takes about 90% of all search traffic, so it makes sense to use that search engine as an example. First you should get as competitive a keyword as possible with as little competition as possible (other web pages using it). Given that, there are many ways you can use to persuade Google algorithms (spiders) that your page should be listed ahead of any others for specific search terms.

You can use not only on-page SEO techniques, but also off-page methods such as links back to your page from other pages relevant to your niche. The more relevant the better, and links from unrelated pages could actually be to your detriment.

2.  Article Marketing

Article marketing is a form of off-page SEO designed partially to offer you links back from other sites and also clicks to your site from people that read your articles. You can expect around 500 – 1,000 reads for each article you write, depending on the directory, though that can improve if you submit your article to many different article directories.

Articles must be written on a topic related to the link provided in the resource at the bottom of the article – this offers a clickable link that interested readers can use to get to your web page. You can also submit your website to web directories and get visits from these and also back-links.

3.  Offline Marketing

You can attract people to your internet business using offline advertising resources. A simple idea for a health or sports-related website is to print up some posters advertising your niche, with your website name and email address and telephone number. Ask permission to post these in your local gyms and sports clubs.

You could also approach local radio stations for some air time to advertise your website: you might even get this exposure free of charge if the website offers something back to the community. Local TV stations can also frequently be useful, and the local press can be used for classified ads.

4.  Press releases

You can attract people to your internet business using press releases. There are dedicated PR sites online that you can use, and all you need do is fill in the boxes provided with text and stick to the required word count.

A press release offers a certain aspect of importance in the eyes of the public who believe that if it’s in a press release then it must be right. Any product or business promoted using a press release enjoys the concept of exclusivity that many people have of press releases.

5.  Blogs and Forums

By using a blog you can regularly update your information and keep your blog fresh – Google likes content that changes. You can build up a good blog readership by offering useful information on a regular basis, and you can direct your readership to your internet marketing website. Whether that is an affiliate site or an MLM network marketing sites is irrelevant – the point is that you are attracting people to your internet business.

Google likes content that changes.

Forums can also be used to drive traffic to your online business. You can run a forum from your own site, in fact directly from your internet marketing site, and use it to train your visitors and also to keep them on your site until they register to join. Alternatively, join forums yourself and use your sig once you have made sufficient posts to be allowed to do so:  include your internet business URL in your signature.

That URL should be your main promotional landing page, not necessarily the home page of your business site.  It could be a squeeze page, designed to collect names and email addresses, or a pre-sales page designed to prepare prospects and get them into a purchasing mood.

There are many different ways to attract people to your internet business.  However, the real secret is how to keep them there once you have got them.

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